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Why choosing Fun-Led? Frontal Pull Out Lamps

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In Fun-Led we like to think of ourselves as a team of people who solve problems. It is in fact starting from a recurring problem that we developed a solution which, to date, represents one of the strengths of our lighting system: the creation of Frontal Pull Out lamps.

How many times does it happen to have lighting systems that are inaccessible or difficult to inspect, where the simple replacement of a lamp requires having to dismantle profiles or entire panels in order to access the connection system placed on the back? Certainly, it is a recurring situation that surely takes time, in some cases even specific equipment, but most of all, it can happen in the middle of a fair or of an important event and you do not have time to intervene. The result is obviously to have a part of the ride switched off.

In order to solve this problem, we designed a lamp which is removable from the front, in which the lighting fixture is separated from the socket. The socket is equipped with isolation drilling contacts and a socket cap which drills the isolation of the wires (easily purchased on the market) through the tightening of two screws, thus making the electrical connection. The coupling between the lighting fixture and the socket is solid and the electrical continuity is guaranteed by the use of brass, nickel-plated and gold-plated contacts. The lighting fixture is secured to the installation surface by 2 or 4 screws depending on the lamp diameter.

Another strength lies in the easiness of replacing a lamp. It is not necessary to have qualified staff or technical documentation at hand. Remaining the socket always connected to the electrical system and there being a polarization key, the procedure is simple and within the reach of even the less experienced people.

In the following videos it is possible to see two examples of Frontal Pull Out lamps, Fun-Spot and Fun-Module, and of how easy it is to replace a faulty lamp with a new one.

This type of lamp has established itself on the market for its simplicity and ease of use and is currently one of our most appreciated products.

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