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Why choosing Fun-Led? Controllable System

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Why choosing Fun-Led? Fun-Led is an adventure started in 2007 to create the first controllable RGB LED lighting system in Europe. It was born from the collaboration with the Bavarian Distel family who was having a new Bumper Car Ride being built by Gosetto and decided to realize something pioneering and that would become an icon of the Bumper Car lighting. The Distel family, in the people of Heiner Sr. and Heiner Jr., is located in Munich and is a permanent presence in one of the most renowned and famous fairs in the world: the Oktoberfest. Precisely on this stage, they decided to present their Ride which, among many cutting-edge technical features, presented our controllable RGB LED lighting system. It was, and still is, an undisputed success.


This success was determined by placing the operator at the center of a new experience: having the complete control of the lighting system. It meant, and still means, to be able to change the color of the lights at will, when you want and how you want, then through a physical keyboard of a hardware device, today through the interaction of your finger with a touchscreen of a computer or tablet.

Therefore, a controllable system allows to customize the user experience, to stand out and bring significant added value to your Ride. In fact, you are able to change color, light effect and even the brightness of your Ride, adapting it to the square, to an event or to particular restrictions imposed by the organizers. Think for example of the days of the Christmas holidays or the requests of a sponsor, that require the Ride to have a red Christmas color or to display a logo or the colors of the sponsor.

These requests are easily achievable only with a controllable system and with a remote control device that allows, with simple clicks, to satisfy the requests received. There is no need to manually reprogram any control board or to physically go to the control box, which may be at 20 meters height, to replace a memory card.

We have designed and developed lamps, hardware and software in order to reply to our customers’ needs and find solutions to any kind of situation and problem.


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