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FUN-LED - New solution for Ticket Box Corners and Roof

The new solution for Ticket box Corners and Roof

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We enlightened a new Ticket box, manufactured by Milani srls, in a creative way by using our Graphic Modules Pixel Pitch 10 mm.

The customer wanted to make his Ticket box unique with an attractive and innovative solution, allowing him to be distinctive. At the same time he wanted a simple and intuitive means to transmit advertising messages to his customers.

Therefore, our expert team from the graphic department took care of the project and elaborated a proposal in order to meet customer’s needs and the result was very much appreciated. The Graphic Modules have been used in a different way compared to our preceding projects. In fact, in the previous ticket boxes we created a central panel under the desk, whereas for this project we enlightened the two front corners and the three sides of the roof. We focused particularly on the creation of the corners, placing the Graphic Modules in a rounded-shape way, so they could be noticed from different angles and not only from the front.

In addition, the Touchscreen Controller allows the customer to recall the animations and light games specifically designed to be adapted to each display shape. Moreover, through an application for Windows laptop, the customer can create new advertising messages, videos and photos autonomously.

Do you want to receive a proposal for an original lighting package for your Ticket Box? Our specialized team is at your disposal to prepare an Offer.

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