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The best lighting solution to meet your every need

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Whether you are looking for a partner who takes care of designing the lighting of your new ride or that you are thinking of restyling the ride you have, what you need is a company specialized in the lighting of funfair attractions who can help you to choose the best solution to meet your specific requirements. Our 40 years of experience led us to be a dynamic company, always looking for new technological challenges, and to address our customers with tailor-made products and solutions.

Over the past few years, we have renewed our line of LED lamps with the purpose to satisfy every kind of technical and choreographic need. In fact, our catalogue is very articulated and is focused on our top products: Fun-Spot and Fun-Module. These are modern lamps, designed in every detail and manufactured in our factory in Italy with strictly high-quality materials.

Analyzing the Fun-Spot lamps in detail, there are 5 sizes according to the diameter: 30, 45, 60, 75 and 100 mm. The available optoelectronics range from a minimum of 3 LEDs to a maximum of 60 LEDs according to the dimension of the lamp. The body is made of Nylon and the lid in methacrylate, in order to grant the maximum transparency and resistance to the damaging effects of the UV rays. The electrical connection is based on commercial wires and the connection is fast and secure thanks to the isolation drilling technique. The whole family is available both in the direct wire connection with an extremely compact volume, and in the version with a special lamp socket (Frontal Pull Out) for an easy and quick replacement.

There are 3 available operative modes among which you can choose:

  • Plug&Play: pre-programmed, without the necessity of a controller, just power supplied with alternating current through a standard ferromagnetic transformer. The lamp can be supplied pre-programmed, with standard sequences of 8 and 16 channels, with customized sequences, or virgin and programmable by the user without limits to the number of channels with a simple programming kit provided by Fun-Led
  • Pixel: controllable by using the “standard WS2811” protocol based on a serial signal (SPI) which allows to manage the brightness and the color of each single lamp. The lamps are not numbered and their cascaded connection must follow a precise path based on an initial project
  • SMART: Fun-Led absolute and exclusive innovation, which enables to control the single LEDs of the lamp, in order to create light games inside the lamp itself for unique and amazing effects. This is possible thanks to the use of a Fun-Led own communication protocol

Moreover, there are 2 optional features that can be added to most part of the lamps and that allow to have a complete and innovative product:

  • Super Strobe: it consists in equipping the lamps with extremely bright white LEDs to grant a very powerful flashing effect integrated into the lamp itself. The intensity and the duration of the impulse can be set and programmed via software. This characteristic increases the potential of our lamps, ensuring a strong visual impact and spectacular choreographies
  • Enhanced: is a set of functions which is applied to the Controllable Pixel lamps from diameter 45mm up to 100mm to increase their performances, granting at the same time the absolute compatibility with the WS2811 protocol. That way, the lamps are made more flexible, efficient and unique. The same functions are integrated as default in the Smart operative mode. In particular:
    • It enables to manage and customize the duration of the Super Strobe, thus allowing to vary its intensity and frequency.
    • Thermal protection: thanks to an internal temperature sensor, it is possible to limit the functioning of the lamp in case the temperature exceeds a certain limit, thus protecting the lamp when it is used in daylight in environments with extreme temperatures.
    • Emergency mode: a common limit to all Pixel lamps is that, in case of absence of a correct control signal, the lamps are turned off. The Enhanced option overcomes this limit by turning on the lamps of a programmable color and intensity if there is no correct control signal at power-up. With Enhanced the attraction will never be turned off!!

By combining the various mechanical and electronic components, choosing the operative mode and adding eventual optional features, it is possible to create the right lamp to meet the customer’s project and budget needs.

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