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Smashing Jump - Tarantula

Tarantula: a restyled Smashing Jump

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Our team realized a new restyling of a Ride we particularly love to enlighten: a Smashing Jump. It is called Tarantula and comes from Spain. During the years, we had the opportunity to enlighten more than one of this kind of Ride and the results speak for themselves. You can watch some pictures of our most iconic Smashing Jump to these links: Mirage and Very Bad Trip. You can also watch the relating videos in the Smashing Jump category of our video gallery.

The customer wanted to completely upgrade the lighting system, giving also a modern look to the Ride. He desired something unique, where the lights on the rotating body played in synchro with the lights on the fixed sections of the ground platform. Indeed, there are many subjects also on the ground: ticket box, steps, handrails, pole covers and floodlights. The most important thing for the customer was to have a totally controllable and interactive system, in which he could manage to change the programs or set a fixed color for the entire Ride, both on the moving and on the fixed parts.

Therefore, we proposed to use an absolutely innovative lamp in the world of lighting for Rides, which could grant a unique and WOW effect: the Fun-Spot SMART. This lamp allows to manage the single LEDs, in order to create light games inside the lamp itself, for exclusive and sophisticated results. This is possible thanks to a Fun-Led own communication protocol. The lamp used has a diameter of 60mm and 20 RGB LEDs.

To complete the lighting package, we supplied the pole covers with 15 LED strips, the extremely powerful Fun-Floodlight and a special application called Plexilight, meant to enlighten the handrails. The Plexilight consists in enlightening a polycarbonate panel decorated with engraved images through LED strips, in order to enhance the carving.

Here below is a video showing the final result:

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