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Super Tuning Bumper Car

CUSTOMIZE your bumper cars with our POWERFUL Super Tuning Bumper Car RGB LIGHTING SYSTEM!

Our system is suitable for ANY KIND OF BUMPER CAR MODEL and MANUFACTURER. The main feature consists of the AMAZING POLE COVER, which is programmed to create MANY DIFFERENT LIGHT EFFECTS, according to your needs, making your ride UNIQUE and ORIGINAL. The pole cover is made of a polycarbonate tube of 1meter length, equipped with 6 or 8 LED strips, and its diameter can be adapted to a pole ranging from Ø 20mm up to 37mm. The LEDs are power supplied by a control box installed under each car and which works at 60-160V DC on adult cars and at 18-75V DC on children cars. The control box allows a TOTAL SYNCHRONIZATION between all the cars. If, for example, during a bump the lights on one car lose synchronization for few seconds, the system grants that the light games restart with the same timing as on the other cars, in perfect synchronization. Through a remote controller installed into the ticket box, which consists of a wireless keyboard, it is possible to select the different light programs such as fixed colors, special light sequences and strobe effects.
The peculiarity of our system is the fact that each LED can be programmed and controlled individually in order to create INCREDIBLE LIGHT GAMES. Moreover, the system can be enriched with the lights to be installed on the front and back of the cars. These accessories are managed through the same remote controller used for the pole covers. Furthermore, through our own software and a small radio module, it is possible to synchronize the lights with the music, that is the LEDs on the bumper cars with the tracks on the user’s computer. Therefore, we can provide a really COMPLETE system, which allows you to DISTINGUISH yourself through a high level of customization.