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Step Lighting

Step Lighting is the solution designed by Fun-Led to illuminate the steps of your ride in a simple way and with a guaranteed final result. It consists of an extruded aluminium profile mm 55 x 8,5h, silver anodized, with a customizable length up to a maximum of 3 meters, inside which 2 LED strips are encapsulated with a special resin.

The profile has been designed to be as compact as possible and includes a mounting system using rear fixing screws. Since the 2 LED strips are completely resin-coated, they are protected against both atmospheric agents and accidental impacts, such as the blows that can be given with the feet. The combination of all these features makes the product the perfect solution to illuminate the steps of your ride.

Fun-Led Step Lighting is a controllable product that allows the user to change the color or the light effect with the use of dedicated hardware and a touchscreen controller. It can also be integrated into a Fun-Led lighting system, in order to create lighting choreographies synchronized with the rest of the ride and full of animations.