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Fun-Screen Display

The Fun-Screen Display is the perfect solution to equip YOUR RIDE with a modern tool to reproduce PHOTOS, TEXTS, and VIDEOS quickly and easily. It is made according to your needs and customizable in shape, size and pixel pitch. Whether it is installed in the center of a Ferris Wheel or mounted onto a Ticket box, it is the most suitable tool for conveying information, advertising and attracting the customers’ attention.

The great advantage of choosing a Fun-Screen Display is the ease with which you can reproduce whatever you want. It is in fact supplied with a powerful software that allows, with a few simple steps, to select what you want to show directly from your PC screen. In fact, the software can be used with many multimedia files, both images and videos, and even live videos captured from YouTube or played in real time by a webcam connected to specific hardware.

Another strength is the complete integration with a Fun-Led lighting system. In fact, it is possible to control all the lighting system directly from the PC by using the same managing software. This allows you to have everything just a click away.

The Fun-Screen Display for Ferris Wheel is available in 2 standard diameters: 2050 mm and 2442 mm. It can be customized according to your needs and adapted both in size and shape. The model with diameter 2050 mm is suitable for Ferris Wheels from 20 to 25 meters, whereas the model with diameter 2442 mm fits Ferris Wheels from 25 to 33 meters. The structure is made in aluminum, this way the product results very LIGHT and EASY to install. The display is made up of modules Pixel Pitch 5 mm and suitable for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR use.

The frame of the Fun-Screen Display for Ferris Wheel is customizable with the addition of Fun-Spot or Fun-Module lamps. This option increases the choreographic effect and offer a great visual impact. The lamps are supplied in the Pixel version, remotely controllable thanks to a wireless interface.

The Fun-Screen Display can also be made in a rectangular or squared format, with a light aluminum frame. This is the ideal solution for the top of ticket boxes or the façade of your ride. It certainly represents an excellent choreographic solution to involve the public and make your ride unique.