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Fun-Module Family

Fun-Module is a family of rectangular lamps, conceived to serve the world of amusement rides and attractions.

They are particularly suitable for lighting Drop Towers and Ferris Wheels, as they enhance the linear shape of these structures. The lamps are totally designed and produced in our factory in Italy with first choice materials such as the OSRAM LED, polyurethane resins and gold-plated connection contacts and they are intended for both an indoor and outdoor use. The body is made of polycarbonate and the lid in methacrylate, in order to grant the maximum transparency and resistance to the damaging effects of the UV rays. The electrical connection is based on commercial wires and the connection is fast and secure thanks to the isolation drilling technique. Considering the nature and construction of the lamp, it is available only in the frontal pull out version with a special lamp socket allowing an easy and quick replacement.

The family is composed of 3 different formats which differentiate in length: mm 173, 323 and 473 and 2 operative modes: Plug&Play and Controllable Pixel Enhanced.

The available optoelectronics range from a minimum of 40 LEDs to a maximum of 120 LEDs according to the size of the lamp.

Each lamp can be supplied with RGB or Mono-color LEDs.

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Operative Modes


Fun-Led is a pioneer of the Plug&Play technology since the first years 2000. These lamps are characterized by electronics with internal programming which work without controller, just power supplied with alternating current through a standard ferromagnetic transformer.

The lamp can be supplied pre-programmed, with customized sequences, or virgin and programmable by the user, without limits to the number of channels, with a simple programming kit provided by Fun-Led. The lamps are divided into internal sections called chipset (each made up of 10 LEDs), in order to reproduce special light effects inside the lamp itself.

One of the main features of the Plug &Play operative mode is the huge onboard memory size. This characteristic, combined with our programming software, allows to create applications with numerous channels, thus obtaining unimaginable choreographies for a Plug&Play system.

Another important feature is the presence of a temperature sensor inside the lamp, which decreases its brightness in case the temperature exceeds a certain degree, thus protecting the LEDs from overheating when they are used in daylight in environments with extreme temperatures. All the Plug & Play lamps can be supplied with RGB or Mono-Color LEDs and equipped with the Super Strobe option.

Controllable Pixel Enhanced

It adopts the standard WS2811 protocol based on a serial signal (SPI). The lamps are not numbered and their cascaded connection must follow a precise path based on an initial project. The lamps are divided into internal sections called chipset (each made up of 10 LEDs), in order to reproduce special light effects inside the lamp itself.

This operative mode requires a power supply with direct current and a controller board. As default, these lamps are equipped with the Enhanced features which increase the performances of the lamps, granting at the same time the absolute compatibility with the WS2811 protocol.

These functions range from the managing of the Super Strobe, to the thermal protection and the emergency mode functioning.

In particular:

  • They enable to manage and customize the duration of the Super Strobe, thus allowing to vary its intensity and frequency.
  • Thermal protection: thanks to an internal temperature sensor, it is possible to limit the functioning of the lamp in case the temperature exceeds a certain limit, thus protecting the lamp when it is used in daylight in environments with extreme temperatures.
  • Emergency mode. A common limit to all Pixel lamps is that, in case of absence of a correct control signal, the lamps are turned off. The Enhanced feature overcomes this limit by turning on the lamps of a programmable color and intensity if there is no correct control signal at power-up.

The Pixel Enhanced lamps can be controlled with a standard controller compatible with the WS2811 protocol, but their default parameters can be reprogrammed only with a Fun-Led controller.

They can be supplied with RGB and Mono-Color LEDs and equipped with the Super Strobe option.

Optional Features

Super Strobe Option

Absolute Fun-Led innovation which characterizes the lamps in both operative modes.

It consists in equipping the lamps with extremely bright white LEDs to grant a very powerful flashing effect integrated into the lamp itself. The intensity and the duration of the impulse can be set and programmed via software.

This characteristic increases the potential of our lamps, ensuring a strong visual impact and spectacular choreographies.

Fun-Module Exploded Views

Fun-Module Exploded Views

Mechanical Characteristics

The Base

Fun-Module BaseThe structure is made of polycarbonate; it houses the optoelectronics which is covered with resin and forms the waterproof lighting fixture. The connection mode to the electrical system is the “Frontal Pull Out” which uses a connector to be inserted into a lamp socket. This system allows an easy removal of the lamp in case of replacement. The contacts are made of brass which is nickeled and gold plated to assure the best contact and protection against oxidation.

The Lid

Fun-Module LidThe lid is made of transparent methacrylate which prevents it from yellowing in case of UV exposure and assures an excellent resistance to bad weather conditions. Outside it is perfectly smooth in order to avoid the deposit of dust and dirt and to grant an easy cleaning. Inside the standard pattern is “Sphere”.


The Socket

Fun-Spot - Sockets

D24 and R24 are our new socket models. They consist of a body which can be with two or four isolation drilling contacts and a socket cap which drills the isolation of the wires through the tightening of two screws, thus making the electrical connection. A common characteristic to both socket models is the compact volume and the safety in making a good electrical connection. The body presents a polarization which helps in setting the correct orientation of the lamp on the support.

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