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Fun-Matrix Family

Fun-Matrix is a family of individually controlled RGB LED lamps, designed for the world of amusement rides and attractions. They are particularly suitable for lighting gondolas or cars, such as those of the Break Dance.

Due to its nature and construction, the lamp is available only in the frontal pull out version and uses a special lamp socket for an easy and quick replacement. The base and the lid are in polycarbonate, while the electronic board is sealed with a special polyurethane resin which makes the lamp completely waterproof. The electrical connection is based on commercial wires and the connection, using a lamp socket, is fast and secure thanks to the isolation drilling technique.

The lamp is available in a single size which can house two different optoelectronics with 49 or 100 individually controlled LEDs. The available operative modes are: Plug&Play and Controllable Pixel.

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Operative Mode


Fun-Led is a pioneer of the Plug&Play technology since the first years 2000. These lamps are characterized by electronics with internal programming which work without controller, just power supplied with alternating current through a standard ferromagnetic transformer. The lamp can be supplied pre-programmed, with standard sequences of 8 and 16 channels, with customized sequences, or virgin and programmable by the user without limits to the number of channels with a simple programming kit provided by Fun-Led.

One of the main features of the Plug&Play operative mode is the huge onboard memory size. This characteristic, combined with our programming software, allows to create applications with numerous channels, thus obtaining unimaginable choreographies for a Plug&Play system.

Controllable Pixel

“Standard WS2811” protocol, adopted also by Fun-Led, based on a serial signal (SPI) which allows to manage the brightness and the colour of each single lamp. The lamps are not numbered and their cascaded connection must follow a precise path based on an initial project.

This operative mode requires a power supply with direct current and a controller board.

Fun-Led offers numerous hardware and software solutions to manage and control its own lamps at best.

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