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Fun-Graphic Family

Fun-Graphic is a family of rectangular lamps, equipped with individually controllable RGB LEDs, designed to create applications where it is possible to reproduce images, videos, GIFs and texts.

The lamps are used to create displays specifically intended for the amusement world with different dimensions and formats. An example of the use of Fun-Graphics are the round screens installed in the center of Ferris Wheels or the displays mounted on the Ticket Boxes. They can also be applied on any kind of decorative panel in order to create more sophisticated light effects, along with animations, photos and texts. The lighting system is interactive and controllable through a Touchscreen Controller or a PC which allows to select the programs you want to run. It is also possible for the end user to install a software on the computer in order to create and add new contents (texts, images, videos) autonomously.

The electrical connection is based on commercial wires and the connection is fast and secure thanks to the isolation drilling technique. Due to the nature and construction of the lamp, it is available only in the frontal pull out version through a quick coupling system called SNAPLOC® and uses a special lamp socket for an easy and quick replacement. The Fun-Graphics are equipped with OSRAM RGB LEDs which grant a high level of efficiency and luminous performance. The family is composed of 3 formats which differentiate both in length 150, 300 and 450 mm and in resolution (pixel pitch) 10 and 12,5 mm. The available optoelectronics range from a minimum of 60 LEDs to a maximum of 270 LEDs, according to the lamp dimension and pixel pitch.

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Fun-Graphic Exploded Views

Fun-Graphic Exploded Views

Mechanical Characteristics



The Fun-Graphic uses a quick coupling system called SNAPLOC® for the mounting on the support surface. The surface can be either in metal sheet or in dibond of 2 maximum 3 mm thickness and presents a series of SNAPLOC® joints. The lamp base is equipped with brass spherical pins which are pressure mounted inside the joints, thus allowing a perfect coupling of the two. In this way, not only the mounting but also the dismounting is quick and easy and does not require access to the back side of the panel. In fact, sometimes the rear side is not easily accessible and removing the lamps from the front is extremely useful.

The Base

Fun-Module BaseThe electronic board is housed inside a polycarbonate base and protected by a special polyurethane resin which seals the lamp and makes it completely waterproof. This way the lamp is suitable both for an indoor and an outdoor use. The connection mode to the electrical system is the “frontal pull out”, which uses a connector to be inserted into a lamp socket. This system grants an easy removal of the lamp in case of replacement. The contacts are made of brass which is nickeled and gold plated to assure the best contact and protection against oxidation.

The Socket

Fun-Spot - Sockets

There are two models: D24 and R24. They consist of a body which can be with two or four isolation drilling contacts and a socket cap which drills the isolation of the wires through the tightening of two screws, thus making the electrical connection. They are characterized by a compact volume and grant the maximum safety in making a good electrical connection. The body presents a polarization which helps in setting the correct orientation of the lamp on the support.

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