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Fun-Bulb Family

Fun-Bulb is a family of LED bulb lamps, conceived to serve the amusement world and, specifically, the world of amusement rides. The lamps are totally designed and produced in our factory in Italy with first choice materials such as the OSRAM LEDs and polyurethane resins. They can be supplied with E14 or E10 socket according to the cabochon used. In fact, the lamps are designed to fit the traditional cabochon caps available on the market.

The available operative modes are: Plug&Play and Fun-Led Remote Controllable.

All the lamps are equipped with 9 RGB or White LEDs.

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Operative Mode


Fun-Led is a pioneer of the Plug&Play technology since the first years 2000. These lamps are characterized by electronics with internal programming which work without controller, just power supplied with alternating current through a standard ferromagnetic transformer.

The lamp can be supplied pre-programmed, with customized sequences, or virgin and programmable by the user, without limits to the number of channels, with a simple programming kit provided by Fun-Led.

One of the main features of the Plug&Play operative mode is the huge onboard memory size. This characteristic, combined with our programming software, allows to create applications with numerous channels, thus obtaining unimaginable choreographies for a Plug&Play system.

Fun-Led Remote Controllable

The Remote Controllable lamps are characterized by the use of a Fun-Led communication protocol, which allows to create very complex and highly performing animations and light games. Each lamp is individually numbered and does not need to follow a precise wiring path with the other lamps.

The main feature of this operative mode for the Fun-Bulb is the use of a 2-wire bus that carries both power and control signal. This is possible only through the use of specifically designed control electronics and power devices. The lamps are then programmed with a software developed by our internal technical team.

The system is remotely controllable by a computer or a touch screen, thus enabling the user to interact with the lights to change the effects at will.

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