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Drop Tower

The Fun-Led lighting system for Drop Tower is a real melting pot of technology, creativity and up-to-date innovation. As Fun-Led puts its customers first and at the core of its business, the team has engineered and developed this modular lighting system: it allows to combine the wide range Fun-Led products in order to surprise with astounding personalized light games.

Fun-Led lighting system is extremely adaptable. As it can be noticed in the following videos, it can be used not only to light up the body of the tower but also the other main parts: the pick-up, the gondola, the customized display at the top of the tower, the channel letter sign, the platform and the steps. Secondly, it allows to choose the best way to illuminate your Drop Tower according to your personal taste and needs.

Concerning the body of the tower, it can be illuminated with 2 or more lines of lights or the whole façade. Whatever you decide on, the result is guaranteed in any case. The Fun-Module lamps are those selected to properly light up this attraction.

As you can see from the videos, the Fun-Spot lamps are the properly one to brighten the pick-up.

Our Fun-Screen Display can be installed at the top of the Tower. It permits to reproduce whatever you want such as live videos, photos and texts in any shape, size and pixel pitch according to your requirements. The frame of the Fun-Screen Display is customizable with the addition of Fun-Spot or Fun-Module lamps.

The Channel Letters Sign is one of our showpieces, in which we are capable of combining our originality and craftsmanship with highly innovative products and technology such as our Fun-Led lamps. Those that can be used are not a single type of lamps but a combination of various models of different dimension and lighting features. In fact, they can be used Fun-Spot and Fun-Module indiscriminately.

Instead, with regard to the steps, they can be lighted up using our Step Lighting, a double LED strips encapsulated with a specific resin in an extruded aluminium profile.

Any parts mentioned above may be enriched with Super Strobe option, a peerless innovation of its kind signed Fun-Led. It consists in providing the lamps with incredibly bright white LEDs to grant a very powerful flashing effect integrated into the lamp itself.

Last but not least of our sensational innovation lighting system, which has been presented during the IAAPA Expo Europe 2021, is the possibility to make the lights play in synchronization with the motion of the gondola. In this way, the body of the Tower will light up in a uniform way at its passage thus creating an amazing final effect.

Fun-Led lighting system lets you customize lighting choreographies and animations synchronized with the rest of the ride.