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Channel Letters Sign

The Channel Letters Sign is certainly one of our flagship products in which we are able to combine the creativity and the craftsmanship that distinguish us, with highly innovative products such as our Fun-Led lamps. With Fun-Led your sign will be ORIGINAL and UNIQUE.

The sign is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE, in size, shape, type of text and light games. The channel letters are made of Aluminium, which is cut, shaped and then painted. The lamps are mounted on a DIBOND panel which is then installed inside the letter. However, we can use different manufacturing techniques in order to meet your requirements, such as: letters with polycarbonate front with applied adhesive, or letters in painted sheet on which the lamps are mounted for a 3D effect. Besides the classic letters, we can also realize subjects like stars or arrows. FANTASY HAS NO LIMITS! 

We design the sign using the lamp model that allows us to get the best result in terms of both design and visual and choreographic impact. In order to achieve this, we do not limit ourselves to using a single type of lamp, but we combine models with different diameters and luminous characteristics. In addition to the use of Fun-Spot and Fun-Module, it is possible to integrate the sign with our Fun-screen displays that allow to reproduce PHOTOS, TEXTS and VIDEOS.

The light games are customized according to your needs and easily controllable through a TOUCHSCREEN REMOTE CONTROLLER. This enables you to select the fixed colors or to run the program you want from those available.

Our Channel Letters Signs are an extraordinary combination of HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY.