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Aluminum Profile 150×50 mm

The model 150×50 mm is an aluminum profile suitable for the installation of Fun-Module lamps and Fun-Spot 100 mm.

It is an extruded profile, manufactured according to our drawing, in order to have a compact product with a refined ae- sthetic. The final result is a product suitable to be mounted on any kind of amusement ride. It consists of a fixed base and an opening lid on which the lamps are mounted and can be completed by plastic end caps for the side closure. The profile is treated and painted according to the highest quality standards, in compliance with the rules regulating the “Qualicoat” trademark. The painting is made with a thermosetting powder coating based on polyester or polyurethane resins. The standard color is the RAL 9010; upon request, the profile can be supplied in other colors. This profile can be mounted in two ways: through fastening bolts or stainless-steel clamps. Both solutions grant an easy and quick installation.


Aluminium profile with Fun-Spot 45 mm + Mini Controller 45 mm


Fun-Spot 100 mm

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Technical Drawing

Techincal Drawing Aluminum Profile 100x50 mm
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