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POLE COVER & ROUND DISPLAY: The Integrated Solution for your Ride

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We are back from holidays and ready to share with you one of our recent creations: a pole cover with LED Strips on which a round display equipped with graphic modules is installed. It is a reinterpretation of our application with the TV shaped panel.

Our customer was really fascinated by the round displays for Ferris Wheels and wanted a solution for his ride which could include this kind of round panel.

Therefore, our technical team designed a display with reduced sizes to fit our pole cover, thus creating a new original application.

The display has a diameter of 1200mm and is equipped with our FL-GRAPHIC MODULES pixel pitch 10mm.

It allows to show images, texts, videos, various animations and it offers more communication possibilities compared to the TV panel, thanks to its extended surface, suitable to present many different subjects and effects.

The display acts also as a cover for the Floodlights, as the back of the structure is arranged to install up to two of our FL-FLOODLIGHT 88 RGBW.

The pole cover has a height of 1800mm and is equipped with 15 LED Strips.

Our customer really appreciated this solution and decided to enrich his ride with two sets of pole cover with display, including the Floodlights.

In order to manage everything, we provided the customer with a computer, which allows to control the pole cover, the display and the Floodlights both individually and altogether. Besides, the computer makes the updates to the light programs easier.

In addition, the customer can create new texts and upload new animations autonomously, thanks to a software to be installed onto the computer.

The pole cover with round display and Floodlights is an integrated and complete solution to enrich your ride, giving it also a modern touch.

In the following video we present how the display was created and what it can show: