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Beyond the 16-channel standard program: Random Effect!

Plug&Play pre-programmed lamps: Random Effect!

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Are you looking for Plug&Play pre-programmed lamps, but are you tired of the usual standard 16-channel program? This type of product is characterized by a standard program which is not customizable. You buy the lamps, you install them on the ride in the correct position and you just turn them on and they play. Easy, quick and cheap. You are satisfied, but obviously you had to compromise. The effect is always the same standard program, for you and most of all for everybody. Your ride will light-up like all the others.

So, I want to introduce you to a new lamp from the Fun-Spot family, that evolves the concept of the standard 16-channel program, overcoming it and making your ride unique, giving it a touch of dynamism and originality. What we did was to create a completely new function on the market: the Random Effect! With this function the lamps no longer follow the numbering with which they were programmed, but they all turn on randomly with a strobe effect or an RGB colour. Watch below video to see how it works!

The Fun-Spot Plug&Play has 7 RGB LEDs and is available in the diameter of 45 or 60mm and in the Direct Wire or Frontal Pull Out installation modes. The first installation mode is characterized by a very compact volume and a reduced price, the second one uses a special socket that allows an easy and quick replacement of the lamp. The supply voltage is 24V AC.

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