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Fun-Spot 45 mm + Mini Controller 45 mm

Illuminate your ride in a creative way and in the way YOU want!

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This post is dedicated to you! You may have wondered: why contacting us as suppliers of an RGB LED lighting system for your ride? Why choosing us of Fun-Led among the many manufacturers and importers? I wrote this article to make you understand what we can offer to illuminate your ride in a creative way and in the way YOU want!

I do not want to propose you a simple lamp, but a lighting system specifically designed to meet every need. To explain it to you, I decided to create a demonstrative video of 2 and a half minutes, in which you will find the main characteristics of our products and how they are used.

In order to facilitate the watching and to give you some more information, I summarize here below the highlights you will see in the video:

  1. The lamps used belong to our best-selling line: Fun-Spot 45mm. It is a very flexible lamp that has been recently enriched with a new variant: besides the standard model equipped with 10 RGB LEDs, we have created a new low-cost version with 7 RGB LEDs. It is available both in the Plug&Play and the Pixel operative modes, with a supply voltage of 24V AC and 24V DC respectively, and both in the Direct Wire and Frontal Pull Out installation modes.
  2. You will find the brand-new Mini Controller 45mm. It has been developed by our internal R&D dept. and combines the power of a controller with WS 2811 pixel protocol at 1 output with the compactness and the ease of use of a lamp Ø 45mm frontal pull out. The controller is placed on the same power bus of the lamps and allows to control up to 1000 of them. It is available both in the stand-alone mode and in the controllable mode, through an optional wireless module.
  3. You will certainly appreciate the Super Strobe function, an exclusive Fun-Led technology with which we equip an RGB lamp of a very powerful integrated strobe effect. It is an effect that amazes with its power, with the purpose of enhancing the light games, attracting the public’s attention and making your ride unique.
  4. In order to make you understand the wide range of combinations that our catalogue can offer, in the video we used both Direct Wire lamps and Frontal Pull Out lamps. You will appreciate the highly compact volume and the reduced cost of the first ones and the absolute easiness of removal of the second ones in case of replacement.
  5. Last but not least, you will see the lamps and the Controller Mini installed on our aluminum profile mm 57×27,2. It is an extruded profile manufactured according to our drawing in order to have a compact product and with a refined aesthetic. The final result is a product suitable for the mounting on any type of ride.

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