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Flying Chairs: 360° of Magic Light Effects

Flying Chairs: 360° of Magical Light Effects

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We were contacted by an Italian customer to realize the lighting of a brand-new Flying Chairs Ride. The construction of the Ride was about to be completed; initially it was not supposed to be equipped with lights, but then we studied a solution together with the customer in order to provide a proper lighting package. The result was a 360° effect of Magical Light Games.

Among our wide range of products, we decided to use the Fun-Bulb, in the controllable version, to be inserted into a classic transparent Cabochon. The total number of lamps used is of approximately 1650 pieces, distributed on the rotating part, the façade and the static part of the ride.

The choice of the lamp was determined by both an aesthetic and a functional reason. We opted for a more classic solution, compared to the new Fun-Spot line, in order to better adapt to the ride structure, but granting at the same time all the potential of a Fun-Led controllable system.

We provided the customer with a modern control system, including a Touchscreen that allows to easily recall and select fixed colors and programs. These ones were created under the supervision of the customer, so the project was customized to meet his requirements at 100%.

The final result of the lighting of the Flying Chairs is really amazing and you can see it in below video:

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