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Atallah Happyland Park: new lighting package for four rides

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THE NEW VIDEO IS AVAILABLE ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL  (you can see it at the bottom of the NEWS with its GALLERY).

Directly from Atallah Happyland Park in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we renewed the lighting package of four rides: Surfer Rider, Tagadà, two bumper cars and an incredible Ferris wheel.
We studied the project and highlighted every detail with the aim of enhance the amusement park rides!

We start our process with an on-site inspection taking photos and videos. They will be analyzed once back to Italy by our engineers. Once drawings of the project is confirmed by the customer, we move on to the production process producing aluminium profile, mounting lamps, wiring and testing them in our production workshop. At the same time, personalised light effects programs and the corresponding 2D simulations of all the rides is created. All processes in our offices are concluded with packing and shipment of the goods by ship.

Once goods arrives to the end customer park, our work continues assembling and mounting on the rides the new lighting packages with our specialised technicians together local workers of the park.

Jeddah can now have a unique Skyline which will remain in time and in the local imaginary thanks to our light restyling.

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Here is the video:


Below is a gallery to summarize all the work done: